Native app development

Cross platform iOS, android, blackberry and windows. Intelligent, responsive native app designs and implementation.

High social platform penetration

Wide range of social platform plugins and integrations with maximum flexibility to meet specific market requirements.

Mobile web design and developments

Support for full responsive mobile web design and development that satisfies all mobile form factor standards.

Cross platform

All development is tested in a ring fenced 'test' environment to reach the highest possible market penetration through cross platform and backward browser compatibility.

Highly modular and agile

All development and design is done in an agile environment to ensure systems are first to market with new features and integrations. Systems are developed in a highly modular fashion. Our compatible and ‘on demand' API's translate to quick production of both plug-ins and supporting packages.

Mobile focused eco systems

Our mobile modules provide for future rich products, such features include:

- Premium sms billing and vas services
- Live user tracking and profiling
- Offer, campaign & product creation and management tools.
- Push notification and advertising services
- Ad network exchange plugins and tools

Building better mobile products

Generate live data feedback from your products or services to build ba better user experience

Increase your companies revenue & reduce costs

By partnering with the right development house, your company should benefit and grow exponentially.

Systems & software based marketing

Although it is hard to find an off the shelf product to handle all your requirments, they do exsist.

Content is King...

Content is STILL King, time spent managing your online content should be minimal, use a CMS system that allows for exactly that.


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